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Jodie Rae Charity (Plaut) and her band, Delusions of Grand Street, have done it again with a whimsical stop-motion love story set in their favorite Brooklyn playground, Coney Island. Can J.Rae win over the monster she adores with a catchy pop song and an amazing guitar solo before he burns everything to the ground? Tune in as Delusions of Grand Street try to Break Through It All.

Directed/Animated: Jodie Rae Charity
Cinematography: Corey Snyder
Staring: Delusions Of Grand Street

Jodie Rae Charity (vocals)
Allan Rubinstein (lead guitar)
Mike Lang (bass)
Myles Robinette (rhythm guitar)
Will Frazier (drums)


Brooklyn-based songwriter/animator Jodie Rae Plaut, along with her band, Delusions of Grand Street (D.O.G.S.), pay homage to her adolescent and present day stomping ground, Coney Island. 'Out to Sea' is a charming and nostalgic handmade animation, debuting as the retro rock band's first music video and a heartfelt tribute to the old Coney Island New Yorkers have always loved. "Out To Sea" was made with a combination of stop motion animated puppets (claymation) coupled with computer effects. Lovingly crafted in a small Brooklyn apartment by hand. 

The making of:

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